Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss USA 2008 Question and Answer

1. Some cosmetic companies have marketed beauty products for girls to learn elementary school. Do you think this is a good thing? (Miss Pennsylvania, 4th runner-up)

2. In some countries, when you turn 18 you are required to spend a year in the military. Do you think this should be enforced in our country? Why or why not? (Miss Texas, Miss USA 2008)

3. If you could help one famous person to better themselves, who would you pick and how would you help them? (Miss Oklahoma, 3rd runner-up)

4. There are parents today who raise their children without letting them watch any television or look at the internet. What is your opinion on this? (Miss New Jersey, 2nd runner-up)

5. Has being a beautiful woman given you any special opportunities in life? And if so, how have you used it in a positive and constructive way? (Miss Mississippi, 1st runner-up)

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