Saturday, July 30, 2011

Business English

JON: Hello, I'm Jon Brown.
ARIYA: Hello Jon. I'm Ariya from Planet Industries. I'm here to take you to our office.
JON: Thank you. That's very kind. Is it far to your office?
ARIYA: No, not far. It takes about 30 minutes if the traffic is OK. But we have some bad traffic jams sometimes.
JON: Yes, I've heard that.
ARIYA: So how was your flight, Jon?
JON: Not too bad. I managed to sleep for a few hours.
ARIYA: Is this your first trip to Thailand?
JON: No, it isn't. I came here two years ago on holiday with my wife.
ARIYA: Oh. Do you like Thailand?
JON: Yes. Very much.
ARIYA: Why do you like it?
JON: Oh, the people are very nice, the weather's great, and I love the beach.
ARIYA: That's really good to hear. 
JON: What do you do in Planet Industries?
ARIYA: I'm a marketing assistant.
JON: I see. How long have you worked there?
ARIYA: For about five years. Anyway, come with me. We'll drive to the office. My car is outside.

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