Thursday, July 21, 2011

China Bride Wears 2km-Long Wedding Dress

A Chinese bride has set a new world record for wearing the longest wedding dress. Lin Rong, a 25-year-old schoolteacher, walked down the aisle wearing the record-breaking 2.2km gown at her wedding in China’s Jilin province. It took the 200 wedding guests more than three hours to stretch out the 2,162-meter-long train. The special dress was handmade by her groom's family. Lin’s new husband Zhao Peng said he wanted to show how much he loved her but didn’t want to spend money on a gorgeous wedding banquet. He also wanted to break the previous record of 1,579 metres, set in Romania in April 2009. The record is not yet official. Zhao has sent a video and details of the dress to Guinness World Records in London.

The dress was an impressive sight. It took three months to create. There were 9,999 silk red roses pinned to the two kilometres of material. An additional decoration took the form of 608 crystals sewn into the garment, one for each day the couple had dated. Mr. Zhao added another personal touch to the dress by cutting the length down to 1,984.1022 meters. This number represents his bride's date of birth – October the 22nd, 1984. The dress cost 40,000 yuan (around $US 5,800) to make. At first, his family were against the idea but soon changed their minds. His mother said it was a waste of money, but understood that her son wanted to show his love for his bride on his big day.

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